Kratom Boise

Looking to buy kratom in Boise? Stop by our shop, Bumble Bee Botanicals, in downtown Boise. We source our kratom from 2 trusted farmers in Indonesia that consistently grow and harvest a very high quality, fresh product. You can purchase as little as 1 gram or full kilograms, bulk discounts are available. We carry kratom in powder, capsule and extract forms. We have roughly 15 different strains of kratom available for purchase from Maeng Da to Bali. See our full strain list below! We are open from 11am-8pm Monday through Friday and 11am-7pm on the weekend. We are a cash only store however there is an ATM located inside for your convenience. With the Bumble Bee loyalty program, each dollar spent in any of our stores can be exchanged for free product! We hope to see you soon.

Boise Kratom Strains

Red Maeng Da Kratom
Red Bali Kratom
Red Bentuangie Kratom
Red Borneo Kratom
Green Maeng Da Kratom
Green Malay Kratom
Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom
Green Borneo Kratom
Green Bali Kratom
Gold Bali Kratom
White Maeng Da Kratom
White Thai Kratom
White Borneo Kratom

Kratom Extracts

Bali Kratom Extract
Maeng Da Kratom Extract

Bumble Bee Botanicals

413 S 8th St Suite B
Boise, ID 83702

(208) 268-6795

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept debit/credit cards?

We do not accept debit or credit cards (There is an ATM onsite). We are a cash only kratom store. This is because Visa/MC and all of the credit card companies prohibit the sale of kratom.

Is your kratom lab tested?

Yes. We test our kratom products for biological contaminants (salmonella, e-coli), yeast and mold.

Can I purchase just a little bit to try it out?

Yes you can purchase as little as 1 gram of kratom powder or multiple kilograms.

What is your return policy?

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we are here to help. Refunds/exchanges may be granted within 30 days of purchase. The product must be unopened, unused, undamaged, and the receipt for the purchase. Please contact us for any questions.

Is kratom legal in Boise?

Kratom, or Mitragyna speciosa (its scientific name), is legal to purchase and possess in Boise and all of its surrounding cities.

How/where do you source your kratom?

Our kratom is sourced directly from 2 different farmers in Indonesia. We have been sourcing from one of these farmers for roughly 4 years and couldn’t be happier with the quality.

Do you deliver?

At this time we do not deliver.

What can I do to keep kratom legal?

Please connect and donate what you can to the American Kratom Association. Subscribe to their e-mail list to receive legal updates for your local area & nationally.

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